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Destination: Zamosc

Zamosc is also known as Pearl of the Renaissance, City of Arcades or Padua of the North.
Due to its wealth of monuments, the Old Town in Zamosc has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992, and is also a National Monument of History, recognised by the President. Read more »

Friendly nature

A journey to Nizhne-Svirsky reserve.

The reserve is located on the eastern shore of well-known lake Ladoga, a part of an ancient way from Varangians to Greeks. Visitors are welcome to enjoy a breath-taking view of a bright pine forest, wander through dim fur wood. Pure water, fresh air combined with forest aroma, mild climate, friendly nature will improve your health and mood.
Staff of Nizhne-Svirsky reserve is always open-armed to guests and does its best to make your travel unforgettable! An ecological centre is situated near the border of the reserve. Here one can find accommodations, a canteen and a traditional Russian bath house. A two storied cottage is also available for rent. Traveling round the reserve runs along ecological paths which are led in hard crossing places. Nizhne-Svirsky reserve is a birds’ kingdom – here thousands of birds stop on their way during spring and autumn migration. Read more »


The Archangelskoe estate

The Archangelskoe estate is located 20 km from Moscow in the heart of Russia. This ancient barony, was witness to many historical events from the ancient Russian Vyatichi and Ivan the Terrible, to Peter the Great and Catherine II. It was constructed in 1703 at the will of prince Galizyn and became famous thanks to it being the place of residence to the Yusupov family. The estate has been visited by a lot of prominent people, like Russian emperors and writers. Almost 100 years ago the state museum was situated here. But a long time before the museum was founded, its owners, Zinaida and Felix Yusupov, wrote in their will that if the Yusupov family were to eventually have no heir to the estate, the entire property with all fine arts, rarities and jewellery collections included, had to be given to the government to satisfy the aesthetic and scientific needs of the fatherland. Read more »


Personal and intellectual development with a Masters abroad

If a student just finished his or her Bachelors degree, they often feel the urge to start something new.

Many students consider going abroad – travelling around the world, seeing many different cultures and gaining personal maturity as well as language skills. However, in the end travelling is “for fun” and the academic education is “on hold” during that time. Therefore others feel obligated to finish their master’s thesis first – usually staying at their university, working in their familiar environment and forgoing the excitement of a new experience. Read more »


Diverse Marmaris

Marmarmis is hardly recognisable as the sleepy fishing village that it was before the 1980′s. A boom in the construction industry during the last couple of decades  and the subsequent development of its status as a tourist destination changed the face of this southwestern Turkish medeterranian resort. The rapid change in its infrastructure allowed it to change its main income source from fishing to tourism. It has, however, managed to retain its charm despite the construction boom. Its exceptional location between two intersecting sets of coatal mountains, have ensured that its beauty remain unaffected. Read more »

Most picturesque lakes in the world

One of the big checkpoints to tick on a dream holiday for many is a dream view. And what better to provide a tick in this checkbox than a bit of lakeside scenery? There is nothing better than staying in your own self catered property, and being near enough to a beautiful lake to enjoy the fresh air and sights of crisp glass waters. With that image in mind, here are a few ideas of some of the most picturesque lakes around the world – a bit of inspiration for your next getaway!

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The Demise of the Digital Map?

They always say, that devices are not completely reliable but recently mobile phone users have been having various problems with certain apps. Google maps, Apple maps – the question is, is it not more practical to carry a map in the hand?

This debate started when many tourists and visitors headed to the city of Mildura, in Australia. Apple maps incorrectly directed users where the Australian city was; instead users ended up in a 1,900 square mile park which has a desert-like atmosphere with temperatures reaching as high as 46 degrees. As many of the rural areas in Australia have little or no access to water, this can put many people in the middle of no where in a life-threatening situation in hot, scorching temperatures.

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City trip to Riga

Riga is the beautiful capital of Latvia. With extensive renovations being carried out on many of Riga’s historical and monumental buildings, the city has become one of the most attractive places to visit in Europe. Famously known for its largest concentration of German Art Nouveau architecture, Riga is filled with artistic and impressive sights for all to enjoy. Riga’s impressive historical and cultural background is not all there is to this wonderful city, it has also been noted for its excellent nightlife.
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Marrakech for young people

If you’re a twenty-something looking for a great vacation destination, consider Marrakech, Morocco. Marrakech is a delightful city that features the best of both the modern and ancient worlds. During the day, you can enjoy Marrakech’s architectural wonders and traditional Moroccan culture, and at night, you can explore the many lounges, bars and nightclubs scattered throughout the city.
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Car Rental advantages

Bags are packed, waiting at the train station for the journey to start, still being in a good mood. But then the announcement: “We are sorry, due to track obstructions the train will be delayed”. We apologize for any inconvenience. “.Finally one hour later you may be sitting in the train, but will be missing the connecting train. The same can happen with coaches, mainly due to long traffic jams. Non surprisingly the fact, that you spent so much money for the trip, will obviously annoy you. Read more »